High Noon


I have worked on two different semesters of High Noon, one in the Unreal 2004 version and the Unreal 3 engine version. During the first version of High Noon, I was responsible for animation clean up for the Mechanical Spider, Rail Spike gun and BB Gun.
During the Unreal 3 version of High Noon, I also had to step in as surrogate Technical Director for the animation team. My tasks included assigning work, setting deadlines, meeting with the modeling team to obtain assets and confirm that monster and gun models could be rigged and animated properly and set guidelines and standards for animations as well as reporting directly to the Director. For the game, I was responsible for rigging and animating four weapons: Raygun, Lock Rocket, Auto Pistol, Wrench; and two monsters: Mechanical Spider and Grasshopper.

As of 2011, no progress has been made to High Noon by CSGS because of difficulties obtaining game builds. Unfortunately I am not listed in the credits on the main website because no site maintenance has been done since 2008. I do however show up in the expanded credits available here


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