As of 6/9/2011: Here are the projects that I have worked on.

Cerebus :The Aardvark 2011-2012
Rigging human characters and a bird.

Labor of Love 2010
Rigging Cupid and Audrey, animating, and troubleshooting.

40 Stories 2010
The 40 Stories trailer was created in 2010, and the game was completed in 2011. I worked on rigging the characters for the trailer and they include NPC1, Fanboy and Anita.

Biology 2010
Currently on hiatus. Provided all the animations and rigging for the game.

Torture Monologue 2009

A short student film comprising of Scott Washington, Mike Shanks, Nathan Smart, Jameson Marrs and myself. Warning, it has crude language and sillyness.

Davis 2009
Chico State Game Studios presents D.A.V.I.S, a psychological horror game. In production during the Spring and Fall semesters of 2009 and almost complete.

Crab Cove 2008-2009
A children’s educational program about marine life told with 3D animation, live action and 2D animation.

High Noon 2008
Chico State Game Studios presents “High Noon” a steampunk FPS. The longest developed game for Chico State, it started as an Unreal 2004 mod that was in development for two semesters, and then as a one semester conversion into the Unreal 3 engine.

All my other work, including Lucia Chaos Hound rig. More work in Misc to come.

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