About Me

March 10th 2013:
Technical Animator with a wide variety of experience in video game and short story pipelines.
Graduated in 2009, I’ve done various contract work and have worked on 7 different video game projects. While working on these projects, I have come to understand the difficulties and problems that can occur in the pipeline. I am a natural problem solver who loves to learn new skills, and explore new set ups.

– Currently working on Bronto Blast, an upcoming iOS game!
– Rigging script being converted to python.
– Many other scripts have survived the conversion to python.
– Completed contract work for The Zoo FX
– Looking for full time employment.

Currently working on Bronto Blast, a game for iOS platforms using the Unity 3D engine. Have completed 15+ rigs and unique animations for the game, with more on the way.

I have also expanded my knowledge of python, while currently improving my familiarity with dynamic rigs, constantly improving rigs for user friendliness, improved squash and stretch abilities, and a handful of new python scripts to ease mundane tasks.

I love what I do, love to learn more and more, and am an overall pretty funny guy, but am always serious about work. Mostly.

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